Twitter To Open Salt Lake City Data Centre

Twitter is set to move its data centre operations to Salt Lake City, local newspaper the Salt Lake Tribune has reported.

The micro-blogging giant announced on Wednesday that it is set to build a new data centre in the Salt Lake City area later this year. The new data centre will be built to cope with the site's growing number of users - the social networking platform already has around 300,000 new users signing up every day.

“Finally, Twitter's custom data center is built for high availability and redundancy in our network and systems infrastructure.This first Twitter-managed data center is being designed with a multi-homed network solution for greater reliability and capacity,” wrote Jean-Paul Cozatti, a programme manager at Twitter on his official page.

According to an e-mail by Matt Graves, spokesman for San Francisco-based Twitter, the Salt Lake City operation will be company’s first custom-built data centre. He added that the centre will be launched within two years.

The company has refused to provide any detailed information about the project.