UK Sales Of Xbox 360 Consoles Surge By 1000 Percent

Microsoft's Xbox EMEA boss has revealed that sales of the Xbox 360 Gaming console, including the slim version of the console, have increased by more than ten times compared to the last week.

Chris Lewis told that the rise was fuelled by the new Xbox 360 Slim as well as deep price cuts on the Elite and Arcade versions plus some smart games bundling.

He added that "This past weekend we shipped our 250GB new slimmer console that Don [Mattrick] showed at E3 and we've had a fabulous sales weekend. The UK went up 1000 percent week-over-week with an 84 per cent market share."

The Xbox 360 Slim has a suggested retail price of £199 (but can be found for as little as £185 courtesy of some online retailers) while the Elite's SRP is £149 and the Arcade Elite carries a SRP of £119 (but can be had for £109). In addition, the fourth SKU, the 4GB Xbox 360 Slim is available for £150.

Microsoft's slim version of its flagship console had apparently sold better than that of Sony's PS3 Slim when it launched last summer.