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AOL HTML 5 Portal And Exclusive Android App

AOL has released a new HTML 5-based mobile portal, and an application exclusively for Android smartphones.

The company has launched them as part of its plans to enhance its presence in the online mobile content market.

AOL said that the new mobile portal, which can be accessed from any mobile device, will allow users to access all of the website's content from one platform.

Users of smartphones that support HTML 5 web technology, such as the iPhone and some Android devices, will be able to use their touchscreens to scroll through the website.

The company announced that its new Android application will give users access to AOL content from websites such as EnGadget and MapQuest. The application will also allow users to access AOL Mail from their phones.

In a statement, David Temkin, the vice president of mobile at AOL and former Palm executive said: “Android has emerged as a top-tier smartphone platform. So, while we'll continue to focus on development for multiple mobile platforms, this time, we are releasing an early version of an app on Android first - the AOL app.”