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Apple iPhone 4 Bumper Refunds Begin

Apple has begun offering refunds to customers who purchased bumper cases for their iPhone 4, tech news site PC World has reported.

Steve Jobs, the chief executive officer of the Cupertino-based company, announced at a press conference last week that the company would offer free bumper cases to customers, and would provide refunds to those customers who had already bought one.

The news was announced to iPhone 4 owners via an e-mail from the company stating that the company has automatically refunded the cost of the bumper case they purchased for their iPhone 4.

The company offered free bumpers following a spate of complaints concerning the reception of the new phone's internal aerial, dubbed 'Antennagate'.

The decision to provide a free bumper for each of the three million iPhone 4 devices sold worldwide since launch is expected to cost Apple around $175 million - a much cheaper alternative to recalling the phone, which some analysts estimate would have cost Apple more than $1.5 billion.