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Dell To Overhaul Hardware Testing

Dell is set to overhaul its hardware testing process to ensure that motherboards infected with malware are not shipped to customers again, tech site PC World has reported.

The computer giant, on Wednesday, admitted that some of its motherboards, in all four servers, PowerEdge R310, R410, R510 and T410, given to customers as a replacement, are infected with W32.Spybot.

"There was a sequence of human errors that led to the issue, That being said, we have identified and implemented 16 additional process steps to make sure this doesn't happen again," stated Dell spokesperson Jim Hahn.

He also said that the company has removed all affected motherboards from its supply line, and that users with updated anti-virus software can easily detect one in their systems.

The company discovered the presence of the malicious code in the motherboards accidentally during production, said Dell’s quality manager.

Dell immediately admitted to the error and notified all affected customers worldwide. It has also agreed to provide the University of Columbia with a sample batch of the infected motherboards for further research.