Does Apple owe you a free Bumper case?

If you were wondering how Apple was going to get more than three million free Bumper cases into the hands of disgruntled iPhone 4 users... there's an App for that.

No doubt keen to stop their sacred stores being invaded by hoards of unhappy campers, Apple has come up with the fiendish plan of taking orders through an iPhone App.

The whole process takes a few clicks and the only thing you'll need to fill in is your Apple ID, which you use for all iTunes purchases.

There's a range of of seven third-party cases from Incase, Belkin, Griffin and Speck as well as Apple's own fancy rubber band, but they'll all take between three and five weeks to deliver according to current estimates.

The App offers gallery views of all of the available cases, and fills in all of your delivery details automagically using the data associated with your Apple ID.

We have no way of proving this, but we'd be willing to bet the App won't work with jailbroken handsets.