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E-Mail More Popular Than Social Networks, Says Survey

The majority of web users still mostly use internet for e-mailing, according to a survey reported on tech news site Web User on Thursday.

The TouchPoints hub survey, conducted by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA), revealed that most British adults spend 20 per cent of their total time on the internet checking e-mail. Only 11 per cent of their time is spent on social networking sites.

The survey data was compiled by cataloguing the internet usage of 6,000 UK adults over the course of one week.

The figures show that, despite an increase of 113 per cent in the time spent on social networking sites compared to a survey conducted two years ago, e-mail has maintained its popularity.

The survey also showed that 20 per cent of adults in the UK use the internet to watch television, while one in every four users accesses the web via their mobile phone.

Other reports have suggested that Britons spend 65 per cent more time on the internet than they did three years ago, since the increase in popularity of social networking.