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Government Departments Lost Hundreds Of Laptops In Last Two years

A recent disclosure of data under the Freedom of Information act has revealed that hundreds of laptops, mobiles and storage devices have been lost by government officials across all departments over the last two years.

According to The Telegraph, in the last two years, government departments have lost 518 laptops, 104 mobile devices, 131 smartphones and 932 storage devices.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Sean Sullivan of security firm F-Secure, said: “There seems to be a cavalier approach to the storage and protection of data. Who knows what damage could be done to the UK if this material gets into the wrong hands?”

It was found that the Ministry of Defence had lost around 220 laptops, while 120 were stolen from officials, of which 25 have been recovered. Merely 157 of the laptops were encrypted.

The Department of Work and Pension lost 71 laptops, 21 Blackberry smartphones and 48 mobile devices. The Department of Transport reported losses of 38 laptops, 2 USB devices, 21 mobile phones and 39 smartphones.