India Government Unveils $35 Computer

India has unveiled a tablet computer that costs only $35, a twentieth of the cost of Apple's more expensive iPad models, and comes as part of a nationwide push by the Indian government to improve the literacy rate across the country.

What's even more incredible is that the Indian minister of human resources development said that the price of the computer would fall to around $10 a piece, that's roughly the same price as a supersized fast food meal.

The device was developed by the country's Indian Institute of Technology and the Indian Institute of Science. Known as the Sakshat tablet, it is set to be launched in 2011 and will offer (resistive?) touchscreen capabilities, a PDF reader, ain internet browser and a webcam.

Technical specifications are still unknown but from photos and information glimpsed online, we know that it will have a 7 to 10-inch colour screen, a 16:9 form factor, possibly 2GB flash memory, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and a power consumption of 2W plus it will run Linux.

Optionally, the tablet will come with a solar panel to provide with the necessary power in rural areas where electricity supply is non-existent or can be unreliable.