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News@10: Facebook's Ownership Dispute, Google's Nexus One & E-Borders

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said that he is “quite sure” that he did not sign any agreement with a web developer that would entitle the man to 84 per cent of the world’s largest social network.

Security technology firm Raytheon Systems has been sacked by the new coalition government from its e-borders programme. E-borders is a £750 million program, initiated by the previous Labour government, designed to monitor foreign nationals entering the UK in order to minimise illegal entry.

A recent disclosure of data under the Freedom of Information act has revealed that hundreds of laptops, mobiles and storage devices have been lost by government officials across all departments over the last two years.

Dell is set to overhaul its hardware testing process to ensure that motherboards infected with malware are not shipped to customers again. On Wednesday the company admitted that it had sent PowerEdge R310, R410, R510 and T410 motherboards to customers, infected with the W32.Spybot.

Google has quietly closed its Nexus One online presence, relegating the handset to other "no longer available" products like Google Notebook and Google Answers and closing its direct sales store for the handset only seven months after it was launched.