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Open Rights Group Slam Ofcom Piracy Code

Freedom of internet advocacy group, the Open Rights Group, has criticised the draft code compiled by UK regulator Ofcom, desgned to combat illegal file sharing in the UK.

According to The Guardian, the Open Rights Group claims that the draft code formulated by Ofcom fails to specify the manner in which evidence needs to be collected by lawyers and ISPs before they send legal notices to alleged file sharers. The group also stated that the draft does not specify the standard of evidence that needs to be collected.

Speaking to The Guardian, Jim Killock, Open Rights Group executive director, said: “Ofcom's proposal denies us the ability to check whether any of the evidence is trustworthy. Instead, copyright holders and internet service providers will just self-certify that everything's OK. If they get it wrong, there's no penalty.”

The group also claims that the draft does not fully comply with the Digital Economy Act passed by the former Labour government.