Teen Developer Sneaks App Into Apple App Store

Apple's supposedly impregnable iPhone application screening process has been breached by a 15-year-old application developer.

The teenager managed to sneak in a free 3G application, disguised as a customisation application, into the App Store.

According to The Telegraph, the Handy Ligh application purported to be an iPhone customisation tool, which allowed users to change the colour of their screen.

Apple's application screening process missed the fact that application had hidden code embedded within it, allowing users to transform their iPhone into a 3G modem, providing them with unlimited free internet access.

Turning the iPhone into a 3G modem would usually cost £13 per month, but the application allowed users access for free.

Once news of the application's existence leaked out, Apple removed the program from its App Store.

The news comes shortly after it emerged that a student at the University of Birmingham has earned £80,000 from his iPhone application, which allows users to wirelessly synchronise their iPhone with their PC via a Wi-Fi connection.