£155 LG E2250V 22" LED Monitor 16:9 Full HD 1920x1080

Like a fun and caring true friend, LG’s new LED LCD monitor E50 offers vivid and dynamic picture with Mega Contrast Ratio while preventing eye strain with the Auto Bright functions. Also, E50 increases your work productivity with Dual Web and enhance your interior with as exceptional slim design.

Automatically provides optimal brightness for the display contents with sensor. As a result, you can use monitor with minimum eye strain. Compared to normal LCD, LED offers true-to-life pictures supported by Mega Contrast Ratio, as well as a much slimmer and lighter appearance that makes the monitor easy to handle.

The E50 series boasts mega ratio contrast technology, resulting in an extremely clear and natural picture quality built into the ultra slim and stylish design.

Its dual screen feature optimizes the window size to automatically divide the screen to view multiple Web pages and run Microsoft Office at once, making it easier than ever before to multitask online. Buy the LG E2250V LCD monitor from £155 including delivery.