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Milestone May Never See Android 2.2 Update

Milestone, the European version of Motorola's Droid smartphone, may not get an update to Google's Android 2.2 operating system, nick-named Froyo, technology news website Softpedia reported on Wednesday.

Responding to questions over a software update for the Motorola Milestone, James King, marketing director for Motorola Europe, stated in an official blog post that “the decision is pending”.

King explained that top company officials are still discussing the matter of bringing an update to the operating system, and wished to make it clear that deploying Android 2.2 technology was not an easy job.

"What I can say and have stated recently is that upgrades are not a walk in the park... it is a big undertaking that requires planning and resource and third party coordination to see this all through," King added.

The company has not yet announced plans to upgrade Milestone to the Froyo operating system, even though Motorola’s Droid smartphone is compatible with Andorid 2.2.

The statement has disappointed Motorola customers who have been waiting for the company to launch an update, while other mobile makers are going head-to-head to become the first to bring the technology on table.