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Samsung Giving Out Free Galaxy S To Irate iPhone 4 Owners

In what is turning out to be a classic example of viral marketing, Korean manufacturer Samsung has started giving out free Galaxy S smartphones to existing iPhone 4 users who have publicly expressed their dissatisfaction on Twitter.

Samsungukmobile succeeded in growing its number of followers from less than 100 to more than 2800 in around 48 hours by using this marketing stunt and although it sounds suspiciously like a scam, the whole episode as been confirmed as being genuine.

Samsung, it seems, is focusing its attention on Apple's known issue with unstable reception and dropping calls, otherwise known as Antennagate.

Social networking website Facebook has also been the target of the marketing team from Samsung mobile and many have noted that the handsets have been offered to a select number users whom the Guardian calls "cherry-picked bunch of digital influencers".

Samsung issued a press statement saying that "We decided to contact a cross section of individuals to offer them a free Samsung Galaxy S as a replacement, as we're confident that once people have the phone in their hands, they'll see how impressive it is for themselves."

Hopefully, the whole exercise won't come back to bite them back if there's any backlash.