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£200 LG N2B1DB2 2 Bay Blu-ray Network Attached Storage 1TB

You can get it for £190.25 from Microdirect including delivery.

LG Super-Multi NAS N2B1DB2 is a network storage device with 1TB of storage and a Blu-ray Disc rewriter which serves as an additional backup option storing up to 50GB on a dual layer Blu-ray disc.

This scalable storage solution with RAID management is perfect for small business users such as doctors or graphic designers to easily manage and store large amounts of data such as images, video, etc. Storage capacity is drive dependent with two hot swappable hard drive bays.

This is the world’s first NAS with built-in Blu-ray rewriter, making it possible to burn as much as 50 gigabytes of data onto blu-ray media and reuse storage space. It is optimized for home and small business users who manage large amounts of data, such as professional photographers, graphic designers and architects.

LG NAS uses RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Discs) to solve a data loss problem. It divides and replicates data among multiple hard disk drives to prevent possible damage.

Users connected to the internet can access data easily whenever and wherever thanks to the remote access function. This allows multiple users to access the same files, whether connected by the same network or connecting remotely. To prevent possible security problems, access is password protected and limited to authorized users.

LG NAS is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems and networks. A web-based graphic user interface makes it easy to install and maintain, even for users who are not IT experts.

Using its three additional USB ports, LG NAS can download data directly from USB memory sticks and card readers, digital cameras and MP3 players. It automatically tracks which data has been added using its version management system and only downloads new files to save time and space.

The LG NAS can connect to your television via the DLNA port enabling you to watch all your stores movies and the built in i-Tunes server allows you to have you complete i-pod library securely stored and accessible wherever you are. You can get it for £190.25 from Microdirect including delivery (opens in new tab).

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