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Samsung Epic 4G To Launch Within Weeks

The Samsung Epic 4G smartphone may well launch towards towards the end of next month according to a number of hints dropped by Samsung Mobile at least in the US.

Androidpolice reports that Samsung TV videos point to a release on that date on Sprint which could yield great sales during the weekend.

The Epic 4G phone will be the second one with WiMAX, one with an Android OS 2.2 (most likely), a 1GHz Samsung processor (Cortex A8 Hummingbird), two cameras (including a 5-megapixel one with LED flash), a sliding QWERTY keyboard and a 4-inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen.

Other than that, expect it to sport WiFi, 512MB RAM, a 16GB microSD card, proximity sensor, a six-axis accelerometer, a 1500mAH battery and a rounded pebble-like form factor that's been Samsung trademark format for the last couple of year.

Arguably, there hasn't been much buzz about the launch of the phone in the UK as a 3G model under the moniker "Galaxy S Pro". Don't discard that possibility though as Samsung will need every help it can find to counteract its rivals.