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3 UK Presents £5 SIM-Only Data Plan

3 UK may have landed the best value data plan package, one which would be an ideal complement for the Dell Streak or, with a little DIY, the Apple iPad.

For £5 per month, this SIM only package provides users with free Skype-to-Skype calls, Windows Live messenger and free voicemail.

Optionally, you may call other UK networks or landline for 20p per minute or send texts for 10p a pop. Since this package is on a 30-day rolling contract, you can pay what you use at the end of each month.

That said, some customers have said that it might be a better value to get a standard PAYG SIM and add £5 per month as an internet add on which would also give you free text messages.

Three will swap it for free for a microSIM apparently but you can always use this trick (here) to cut the SIM to size.

Apart from 3 UK, the only other great deal would be the GiffGaff one which gives you 100 minutes, unlimited text and unlimited internet for £5 a month until the end of the month.