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Apple Announces Availability Of iPhone 4 In 17 Other Countries

The iPhone 4 will go on sale in 17 more countries by the end of the week according to a statement issued by Apple today, a step that marks the second step in the company's plans to get the phone in as many hands as possible.

The phone is currently available in only five countries - France, Germany, Japan, the UK and the US - with the phone being SIM Free only in the UK and France from the start.

Apple said that the phone will be on sale in Apple's retail and online stores as well as Apple authorised resellers. We're not sure whether this means that mobile phone operators who already have an exclusivity agreement with Apple will stock the iPhone 4.

Interestingly, Apple considers Hong Kong to be a country when technically, it is a Chinese territory, which means that the iPhone 4 is likely to flood the Chinese market pretty soon.

The iPhone 4 is expected to go on sale in 87 countries by the end of September with the ability to produce the device fast enough being the only major concern facing the Cupertino-based company.