Apple iPhone Users Hit With Unexpected Roaming Charges

Apple iPhone users have been hit by unexpectedly large bills when returning from holiday.

According to The Telegraph, mobile phone service providers across the UK have been receiving complaints from iPhone users who, despite claiming to have turned roaming facilities off before going on a holiday abroad, have still incurred large data charges whilst away.

Consumers have used popular website to report their problems, and, since the complaints, some have service providers have started to refund the data roaming charges.

Every service provider has been affected by the complaints, but iPhone users on network carrier O2, have complained the most.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Martin Lewis, founder of, said: "Those who have paid when they shouldn't have, should contact their network immediately and demand a refund."

“In some cases, we're hearing the networks are paying out without too much argument, which could indicate this is a known problem. Let's hope it does not get brushed under the carpet.”