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Asus slashes X58 motherboard price

If you've been tempted to venture into the realm of top-end Core i7 CPUs, but then find yourself gawping in bewilderment at the motherboard prices, then you'll be pleased to know that Asus has just slashed the price of its P6X58D-E.

The suggested retail price for the board is £230 in Asus' catalogue, but you can now pick one up for well under £150. Of course, it's worth noting that hardly any retailers actually sell the board at the suggested price, and the P6X58D-E has been going for somewhere around £170 at most shops over the last few weeks.

However, most UK stores are now selling the board for less than £150. Both Overclockers and Scan have it for £149.99 inc VAT, but the best bargain is to be found at Crescent Electronics, where you can pick up a P6X58D-E for just £137.38 inc VAT. That's a similar price to what you pay for a half-decent P55-based motherboard.

Based on Intel's top-end X58 chipset, the P6X58D-E also has loads of high-end features. Not only is there an LGA1366 CPU socket for top-end Core i7 CPUs, but there are also six DIMM slots for up to 24GB of memory, and three full-size PCI-E 2 graphics slots. The board also supports both SLI and CrossFire for multi-GPU gaming setups, and there's a fan-less heatpipe-based cooling system to keep your PC's noise down too.

There's just one catch, which is that Asus tells us this deal will only be available this week. In short, get your orders in now if you want to join the LGA1366 club without having to extend your overdraft.