Dell ditches Ubuntu for online customers

Dell has seemingly stopped offering Ubuntu Linux as an option on its web store whilst claiming it is still committed to the OS.

Until a few days ago, punters could specify Ubuntu as a pre-installed operating system but now it seems that if you don't want Windows 7 on your new PC you'll have to phone up and beg them not to install it.

Currently the only way to purchase Ubuntu as a pre-installed OS is to ignore the Internet and make your order via the good old-fashioned telephone.

A spokesdell gave PC Pro a load of old blarney about 'simplifying online offerings' but Dell has had a long, illustrious and not entirely shenanigan-free association with convicted software monopolist Microsoft.

The Dell spokesman went on to say that Ubuntu had fallen out of favour and that the vast majority of normal users purchased their PCs with Windows installed.

Which is not entirely surprising when you have to jump through all sorts of hoops to get anything other than Microsoft's latest and greatest running on your new PC.

Even Dell's advice pages suggest that, unless you are a beardy geek with a degree in computer engineering, you'll probably be better off sticking with Windows.

It's estimated that around 12 million people use Ubuntu. It's not clear how many of them have facial hair.