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G.Skill unveils 48GB memory kit

If you thought G.Skill's 24GB memory kit was bordering on the outlandish, then wait until you see the Taiwanese memory maker's latest extreme package.

Designed specifically for EVGA's Super Record 2 motherboard, the new kit contains a colossal 48GB rack of memory.

That's three times the maximum amount of memory that can be seen by Windows 7 Home Premium, so it's safe to say this kit isn't targeted at your average home user. Instead, G.Skill is pitching its oversized RAM pack at the professional workstation arena, saying it's ideal for "building the ultimate super-computer for applications such as 3D rendering, data modelling and scientific research."

Based on Intel's 55201 chipset, EVGA's Super Record 2 (or SR-2) motherboard features two LGA1366 Xeon CPU sockets, as well as 12 DDR3 memory slots and support for four-way SLI. Although it's primarily a workstation motherboard, it's also very much targeted at the extreme enthusiast who wants as much processing power as possible.

As such, it's no surprise that G.Skill is also pushing the overclocking potential of its new 48GB kits, which are made up of 12 4GB DDR3 modules. Featuring the company's distinctive black and red Ripjaws heatsinks, the new sticks are officially rated to run at 1,900MHz with the CAS latency set to 8.

However, G.Skill also reckons "advanced users capable of understanding sophisticated BIOS adjustments" won't have any problem clocking them up to 2,000MHz with the same latency timings.

There's no word on pricing yet, but G.Skill says the new 48GB kits will start hitting shops around the world next month. We're guessing they won't be cheap.