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HMV & Others Leak Kinect UK Release Date, Prices Down To £120

HMV, The Hut, and other online UK retailers have leaked the official release date of the Microsoft Kinect motion controller; apparently, the peripheral will be available from the 19th of November 2010.

This contradicts earlier reports from Amazon which says that the device will go on sale around Christmas 2010, five weeks later, or, which puts the launch date of the Kinect around the 4th of October 2010, six weeks earlier.

Oddly enough, the Hut lists the Kinect as being down to £119.73 and available for preorder (which means that you can buy it at a fixed price now and the Hut will have to fulfill the order at the said price).

The Hut's price, which includes P&P, is the cheapest in the UK, saving you just over £10 on the suggested retail price. The Hut however says that the supplies will be extremely limited and that customers would be allowed to buy only one Kinect each.