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HTC To Bring Sense UI To Windows Phone 7

HTC has announced that the company is working on an enhanced Sense UI, set to be compatible with the upcoming Windows Phone 7 mobile phone operating system.

The mobile phone manufacturer, one of the five companies said to be launching a Windows Phone 7 based smartphone in October, says that even though Microsoft has increased the core standards of the operating system, HTC is developing an innovated and improvised version of its popular HTC Sense UI.

Speaking to Forbes, Drew Bamford, the head of HTC's user interface design team, said: “Microsoft has taken firmer control of the core experience [in Windows Phone 7], but we can still innovate. We won't be able to replace as much of the core Windows Phone experience, but we will augment it.”

Bamford said that Google has also indicated that it is working on its Android version 3.0, aiming to make the operating system more user friendly and portable than previous iterations of the Android OS.

“Google may focus more on improving the user interface on the stock Android, but I don't think they'll preclude manufacturer customization,” he said.