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iPad-Style Tablets Will Sell 11 Million In 2010

A report released by ABI Research estimates that around 11 million tablet devices will be sold in 2010 alone, signalling further growth in the newly emerging market.

The company said in a press release that the results of the report took into account Apple's iPad and the estimated sales of all subsequently released tablet devices.

ABI Research explained that it had initially released a market report on media tablets before the launch of the iPad and any of its competitors, but had been forced to significantly revise the report after the sudden boom in sales prompted by the launch of Apple's iPad.

The company said that by 2013, media tablets will become a fully-fledged mass market product, comparable to mobile phones, as long as the manufacturers focus on making their products available to a larger consumer base.

In a statement, Jeff Orr, an analyst at ABI Research, said: “Assuming that competing tablets from other vendors do arrive in the second half of the year as expected, we believe that the iPad will account for a significant portion – but not all – of the projected 11 million units.”