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iPhone 4 early birds get the Bumper

Apple has said that free cases being handed out to alleviate antenna issues with the iPhone 4 could take between three and five weeks to arrive, but we got email confirmation just a few moments ago that ours will be arriving in a matter of days.

It's true that we got a heads up about the iPhone App which you'll have to use to order your free case a little earlier than most, but if you were quick off the mark when we made the announcement on Friday you shouldn't be too far behind us in the queue.

We're not sure how long the limited stocks of the Apple-branded bumper case (which we ordered) will last, or if choosing one of the other third party offerings will be a safer bet.

Steve Jobs said that Apple can't make the shockingly overpriced elastic bands fast enough to meet demand, and that was before the company started handing them out for free.