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Mozilla Firefox 3.6.8 Update Released

Mozilla has released the Firefox 3.6.8 security update that fixes "a stability problem that affected some pages with embedded plug-ins."

The update is set to patch the problem found in the Firefox 3.6.7 update, launched just days ago.

The company explained in an advisory that the problem, which was reported by Mozilla developer Daniel Holbert, was related to the fix issued with the 3.6.7 update that dealt with the plugin parameter array crash problem.

Mozilla explained in the advisory: “In certain circumstances, properties in the plugin instance's parameter array could be freed prematurely leaving a dangling pointer that the plugin could execute, potentially calling into attacker-controlled memory.”

This is the second time that the company has released a second fix to deal with issues found in an update fix released just days before. Previously, Mozilla had needed to release an update for its Firefox 3.6.4 in June after a number of users found that the browser shut down without warning when playing online games such as Farmville.