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News@10: iPhone Roaming Data Bills, Free Samsung Galaxy S & Trojan iPhone App

Apple's supposedly impregnable iPhone application screening process has been breached by a 15-year-old application developer. The teenager managed to sneak in a free 3G application, disguised as a customisation application, into the App Store.

MySpace has lost almost half of its audience over the last year, new figures reveal. New statistics, compiled by web analyst comScore, has revealed that the social networking platform has seen its user base fall from 6.5 million visitors in May 2009 to 3.3 million in May 2010, a drop of 49 per cent.

Korean manufacturer Samsung has started giving out free Galaxy S smartphones to existing iPhone 4 users who have publicly expressed their dissatisfaction on Twitter, in what is turning out to be a classic example of viral marketing.

Apple iPhone users have been hit by unexpectedly large bills when returning from holiday. Mobile phone service providers across the UK have been receiving complaints from iPhone users who, despite claiming to have turned roaming facilities off before going on a holiday abroad, have still incurred large data charges whilst away.

Dell has stopped selling computers pre-loaded with the Ubuntu Linux operating system from its web store. The company has said that it now only sells Ubuntu-based computers over the phone.