Rumour: Apple desktop refresh on the cards

A number of Mac-centric tech sites are suggesting that the Apple range of desktop computers is about to get an update.

The rumours stem from reader reports that a number of high-profile Apple stores are running out of iMac and Mac Pro stock, which is usually an indication that new machines are about to arrive.

The stock shortages are only apparent for customers wanting to reserve and collect hardware from their local Apple temple of consumerism, and there seems to be no indication that the main Apple on-line outlet in ether the US of A or here in Blighty are having any problems shipping the long-in-the tooth computers.

Mac fan sites have been bemoaning the fact that Apple's desktop offerings are due a refresh for some months now and eager hacks will pounce on even the flimsiest evidence that a new product is about to be announced.

Even so, a couple of bricks and mortar stores running out of one particular item from a whole range of computers hardly sems like an excuse to get the bunting out in our book.

According to folks at Mac Rumours a major refresh to the Mac Pro line was due in June, but was put on hold because of a shortage of Hexacore CPUs from Intel.

As well as Intel's latest offerings on the processor front, any update of the the desktop range could also include high-end graphics cards from Nvidia and ATI, drivers for both of which have appeared in recent versions of the OS X operating system.

At this stage the rumours are nothing more than wishful thinking, but the Mac Pro range is due a lick of paint, and much of the iMac range is running on relatively creaky Intel architecture.