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TorrentFreak Blasts Anti-Piracy Study

File-sharing news site TorrentFreak has blasted a recent study that claims more than 89 per cent of all files being downloaded using BitTorrent are illegal, IT magazine PC Pro (opens in new tab) reports.

The study, which was conducted by Australia's University of Ballarat Internet Commerce Security Laboratory and published by the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft, claimed not one of the 117 million seeds it found on the network was legal.

TorrentFreak has called the claims baseless and absolutely flawed.

Ernesto, editor-in-chief of TorrentFreak, said that the study claims that the platform has a million files available is wrong, as more than five million are on offer.

He also said that the claim of 117 million BitTorrent seeds available on the site is wrong, and that The Incredible Hulk film, one of the most downloaded films of the year, had only 13,738 seeders, instead of 1.1 million claimed by the study.

Ernesto stated: “This statistic is grossly inaccurate, because it's based on the most popular files, of which many are fake."

"We're not trying to argue that the majority of the torrents are legit, but the selection of torrents and sources is extremely biased towards discovering copyright infringing torrents."

"Bottom line is that this 'academic' paper is one of the most inaccurate reports we've seen thus far,” he added. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.