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UK Police Trialling Crime Prediction Software

Two UK Police forces are trialling the Criminal Reduction Utilising Statistical History (Crush) prediction software in a bid to reduce crimes in the region.

The move follows a successful trial by US state police in Memphis, Tennessee. The trial saw a reduction in crime in the region of 31 per cent.

The Guardian reports that the sophisticated software system is designed to prevent crime by evaluating past and present incidents with other information, including location, intelligence reports and weather forecasts,to predict potential crime hotspots.

The police can then use this information to redeploy resources to the predicted hotspot so as to prevent a crime from taking place.

“This is more of a proactive tool than reacting after crimes have occurred. This pretty much puts officers in the area at the time that the crimes are being committed.” said John Williams, member of the Memphis Crime Analysis Unit.

IBM has invested more than $11 billion in the Crush predictive analytics software over four years.

The UK police forces trialling the software are yet to be announced.