UK Web Users Unlikely To Pay For Content

The majority of internet users in the UK is not ready to pay for content according to a survey carried out by bean counting firm KPMG as part of its annual "Consumers and Convergence" report.

The research showed that more than four fifths of UK web users would switch allegiance to another site if a free website they frequently use start to charge for content.

Surprisingly, UK fares fairly badly when it comes to the propensity to pay for online content although nearly 75 per cent of those questioned said that they wouldn't mind seeing online ads if this means cheaper subscriptions.

Furthermore, 48 per cent of users would allow their personal data to be monitored even if concerns about individual's privacy have come in the limelight lately and despite the fact that 90 per cent of UK respondents were worried about online security and their own privacy.

The poll, which was carried out amongst more than 5600 people in 22 countries, revealed that 43 per cent of people are willing to pay for content that they often access, a share that rises to almost six out of ten the Asia-Pacific region.

The research comes as The Times lost as much as 90 per cent of its audience according to rival publication, the Guardian; more about it here.