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Apple Adds 12-Core Processing Power To Mac Pro Line

As expected, Apple has refreshed its Mac Pro range although the UK online store has yet to be updated to reflect the changes; the new models will only be available from August 2010 and will have a starting price of $2499 in the US or £1999 here.

Apart from the £59 increase in price, the Mac Pro 2010/2011 stick to the same all aluminium casing it seems with easy access to all the important components of the computer. Apple is charging more for the octo-core model as well, £2799 compared to £2553.

The base unit model comes with one 2.8GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon W3530 Nehalem processor, that's a slight bump from the 2.66GHz model from last year. Apple is still sticking to 3GB RAM on its entry level workstation (that's three 1GB modules) with the 8-core and 12-core models going up to 6GB.

Yep, Apple has added another model to its Mac Pro range, the 12-core model is essentially the same as the 8-core one but uses two 2.66GHz 6-core Intel Xeon Westmere CPUs rather than two 2.4GHz models, Xeon E5620 CPUs with 12MB L3 cache.

Customers will be able to upgrade Mac Pro workstations to dual X5670 Westmere processors clocked at 2.93GHz with 12MB L3 cache and with the ability to overclock to 3.33GHz.

Apple has also switched allegiance (again) when it comes to graphic cards, opting this time around for an ATI Radeon HD5770 with 1GB DDR5 memory and providing the option to get up to two ATI HD5870 graphics card in tandem.

More about the rest of the new Mac Pro range here (opens in new tab).

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