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Apple Adds Super Efficient Battery Charger

Tucked somewhere on Apple's site is the new Battery Charger and batteries that Apple introduced today for a mere £25 including delivery and for once, it is a device which may well be a wise investment in an Apple product.

The Apple battery charger comes with its six AA batteries and promises to cut down on the amount of power it uses when batteries are completely charged and says that six batteries are enough for an Apple Keyboard, a mouse (or trackpad) and two on standby.

The company says that the charger has the lowest "vampire draw" on the market, more than 10 times less than the industry average, down to a mere 30 milliwatts. Apart from the savings that can be made, Apple says that its NiMH batteries will have a lifespan of up to 10 years.

Apple did not quote the power rating of the batteries but we expect them to be at least 2700mAh and should be competitive with other brands (like Panasonic or Sanyo) on the market.