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Apple Magic Trackpad Goes Live

Apple Desktop users looking to emulate the magic trackpad which was only available on their Apple laptops can now buy the new Magic Trackpad peripheral which retains the same capabilities as its untethered sibling.

In fact the new Magic Trackpad is nearly twice bigger, offering a "touch friendly" and wear resistant glass surface. And because it shares the same design with Apple's Wireless keyboard, you can put both of them side by side and they sit flush at the same angle and height.

Should Apple one day to combine those two, Apple users will get the best of both worlds even if the Magic Pad costs a cool £59 (here) and is compatible only with Mac computers for now.

The device will connect to Mac via Bluetooth (with a 10m range), automatically turns off when not in use and can also be used with another notebook. We're not sure whether you can actually use the Magic trackpad and the built in one on a Macbook Pro simultaneously.