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Cisco Launches Catalyst 3750-X Eco-Friendly Network Switch

Networking giant Cisco has released its Catalyst 3750-X stackable access switch, which makes use of a new technology called StackPower to significantly reduce operational IT costs.

According to Network World, the new network switch includes a number of features that enable enterprises to to run power-hungry functions in a cost-effective manner.

These include support for the PoE+ standard, a new, more efficient way to run power-hungry web cams, while the device's built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi access points will help IT managers reduce the need for additional infrastructure expenditure - and by reducing the number of devices required, cut down on power consumption.

The Catalyst 3750-X's StackPower technology combines the wattage of a number of power supplies to create a pool of power, which then can be used to run any switch that requires the energy. StackPower comes with a number of key advantages. By eliminating redundancy among the power supplies, it increases energy efficiency, saving money. StackPower can also aid in managing system outages, cutting power to low-priority ports first in the event of a power failure.