Google Apps For Government Unveiled

Google has unveiled a new Google Apps software suite designed for government use.

The new Google Apps online software suite is based on the US Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) security standards specified by the US government.

Google Apps is a cloud-based online software suite with a number of capabilities, including e-mail, document sharing and calendar sharing, as well as standard word processing and spreadsheet programs.

The company said that the price for using the Google Apps for Government software suite would be similar to the cost of using Google Apps Premium Edition.

Google will provide separate storage space for government data in data centres located within the US.

Speaking to news agency AFP, Kripa Krishnan, programme manager for Google Apps for Government, said: “With no hardware or software to install and maintain, Google Apps for Government allows agencies to redeploy resources to technology projects core to their mission of serving the public.”

"This means government customers can move to the cloud with confidence."