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Google Updates Maps For Android

Google has updated its Google Maps for Android application to make its 'Place Pages' business listings more user-friendly.

Writing on the Google Mobile blog, the company said that after installing Google Maps 4.4 for Android, users will be able to see a new Places icon in the list of apps on their smartphones.

The application now splits user search queries into seven categories - restaurants, cafés, petrol stations, ATMs, bars, hotels and attractions.

The updated app includes a new search bar for directly searching the details of a particular place, along with a sponsored link for the location, complete with information and ratings on other establishments in the immediate area.

Google has also included an 'Add' button, which allows users to add a location to their shortcuts tab.

Michael Siliski, the product manager of the Google Mobile Team, explained: “With updated Place Pages, you should be able to find all you need to know about a place, whether you’re wandering into a new restaurant or deciding from your couch.”