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HTC drops AMOLED screens from their handsets

HTC has announced it will stop using AMOLED screens on their mobile phones, in favour of the Super LCD displays in upcoming handsets and also on the HTC Desires and future Nexus Ones. This news comes a week after Google stopped selling the Nexus One phones directly, which could mean the mobiles will still continue to be made by HTC only for other vendors and mobile phone networks.

AMOLED displays that are currently within the more recent HTC handsets are manufactured by Samsung where rumour has it the demand is high and the supplies are running low, where the AMOLED screens are also plagued with poor visibility in sunlight as we've seen on One Mobile Ring.

The Super LCD (SLCD) displays are manufactured by Sony, where they are on a similar par to the AMOLED screens only LCD doesn't traditionally suffer from the same sunlight-washout issues.

Super LCD's will improve on battery life, as they don't have the same drain on power resources as the AMOLED currently do in the HTC Desire. HTC also believe the viewing experience is comparable to that of an AMOLED display, with better possible viewing angles.

This new display technology is due to appear in handsets arriving on the shelves later this year, within the new models in addition to the updating the current range of phones which will be unknown to the end user.

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