Introducing Panasonic's VT20 Series Plasma 3D TVs

When Panasonic's VIERA VT20 series Plasma 3D TVs scooped up the Best In Show award at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, it wasn't just their ground-breaking 3D technology that impressed the judges.

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Quite simply, whether you're watching 3D content or old-fashioned 2D, they provide the most stunning visual experience around.

The two models in the series give you a choice of 50in (TX-P50VT20B) or 65in (TX-P65VT20B) screen sizes, and are packed with the latest Panasonic technology to enhance your viewing experience.

VT20 series TVs use Panasonic's new NeoPDP plasma technology to produce a picture that's over four times as bright as previous generations of plasma screen.

The VT20 NeoPDP screens have an ultra-high native contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1, giving you deep, true black tones and brighter whites. That means vibrant and lifelike pictures whether you're watching TV or Blu-ray in 2D or 3D.

To make your 3D experience as realistic as possible, it's vital that the television minimises any blur between the images that are sent to your left and right eyes.

This blurring causes an effect called 'crosstalk', in which left- and right-eye images become confused, making the picture appear fuzzy and ruining the 3D effect.

To ensure this doesn't happen, the VT20 series uses Panasonic's exclusive 600Hz Intelligent Frame Creation Pro technology to reduce the time it takes to switch from one image to the next, and ensuring you get perfectly sharp pictures.