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iPhone 'Jailbreaking' Now Legal In US

iPhone owners in the US can now legally 'jailbreak' their smartphones thanks to new amendments made to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Jailbroken iPhones can install third party applications that have not been approved by Apple to run on the smartphones.

The changes have come after extensive lobbying from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which had earlier criticised the law for being biased toward companies.

Apple, which opposes the changes made to the 1998 act, will continue to void the warranty of those iPhones which have been jailbroken by their owners, stating that jailbreaking goes against its terms of use policies.

The move made by the US Copyright Office will also allow other mobile phones owners to legally unlock their mobile phones to install third party applications and make their phone compatible with other mobile service providers.

Speaking to The Financial Times, Jennifer Granick, the civil liberties director at the EFF, said: “Consumers who want to unlock their phones are out from under the legal cloud that the DMCA imposed.”