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ISP TalkTalk Caught Spying On Users

ISP TalkTalk UK has been caught monitoring its users' online activities.

The company says users' browsing habits are being recorded in order to create a malware blocker and parental guidance tool, which is being developed for TalkTalk by Huawei. The tool is set to be released by the end of this year.

TalkTalk said: “We are developing some really exciting new security and parental control services, which will be based deep within our network infrastructure, to provide our customers with greater protection for all the devices they connect to their broadband line with.”

"We've had considerable feedback from customers that PC-based software only deals with part of the wider security problem facing today's internet users, so we’ve developed these new services to help improve our customers online experience with us."

The company explained that the websites being visited by users are studied to root out those that contain malicious content.The data the company collects will then be then used to create a blacklist of blocked sites.