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News@10: Apple iPhone 'Grey' Market Sales, Legal Jailbreaking & Facebook

Poor reviews, reception problems and the suggestion that Apple is ignoring the Chinese market has led grey market sales of the iPhone 4 to nose-dive, with vendors slashing prices by up to 70 per cent to pique interest in the troubled handset.

Facebook has alleged that the contract entitling a New York web designer to an 84 per cent stake in the company is a fake. The company has said that they believe Mark Zuckerberg’s signature, which allegedly appears on the document, is a forgery.

iPhone owners in the US can now legally 'jailbreak' their smartphones thanks to new amendments made to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The changes have come after extensive lobbying from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which had earlier criticised the law for being biased toward companies.

Facebook is testing a new 'delete account' feature in a bid to simplify the account removal process for those wishing to quit the platform. The company has replaced the 'Deactivate Account' option under 'Account Settings' with 'Deactivate or Delete Account'.

US wireless carrier AT&T is working on providing a new software patch to fix a glitch on its Alcatel-Lucent network equipment significantly improve the upload speeds on Apple's iPhone smartphone device.