NHS Director Disciplined After Attack On 'Lazy' Staff

The NHS trust has disciplined a Yorkshire Ambulance Service director after he criticised health service staff on Facebook.

David Forster, the policies and strategies director at the Yorkshire Ambulance Service, is reported to have said that the NHS employed bad staff.

Forster had said: “The NHS has no shame in employing too many who are lazy, unproductive, obstinate, militant, aggressive at every turn and who couldn't secure a job anywhere outside the bloated public sector where mediocrity is shielded by weak and unprincipled HR policies.”

The organisation has tried to distance itself from the controversy and the NHS trust has stated that the issue has been dealt with internally.

An NHS trust spokesperson said: "We hold our dedicated and professional staff in extremely high regard and work alongside them, in partnership with our trade unions, to provide a high quality ambulance service to the people of Yorkshire."

"Yorkshire Ambulance Service has dealt with this matter under normal trust procedures and would now like to draw a line under this for all concerned."