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O2 To Investigate iPhone Roaming Charge Glitch

O2 is investigating why customers who claim to have turned off data roaming have still been charged for internet access whilst abroad, tech news site Web User reported on Monday.

Smartphone users, especially iPhone owners, have voiced their complaints on, saying that they have received huge roaming bills despite of ensuring that the data roaming feature is turned off.

O2, the network carrier with the most iPhone users, has received most complaints and many members of the O2 Forum have suggested that the problem only affect users who have downloaded the new iOS 4 operating system.

Founder of Martin Lewis said: "In some cases, we're hearing the networks are paying out without too much argument, which could indicate this is a known problem. Let's hope it does not get brushed under the carpet."

A spokesperson for O2 said that both the network carrier and Apple are looking into complaints and that O2 is refunding money to customers who have a legitimate complaint.