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Ofcom Study Slams Misleading Broadband Speeds

An Ofcom study has revealed that broadband users are still being misled by service providers about actual connection speeds, the Telegraph has reported.

The study shows that broadband service providers in the UK, including BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin Media and O2, market their services at 'up to' speeds of 24 or even 50 megabits per second, but that customers rarely receive what they are paying for.

Cable customers fare better than their counterparts using DSL connections, but on average all customers received less than half the advertised transfer rate.

Ed Richards, chief executive of Ofcom stated: “Actual speeds are often much lower than many of the advertised speeds which makes it essential that consumers are given information which is as accurate as possible at the point of sale.”

Consumer Focus has condemned ISPs for failed services and has urged advertising authorities in the UK to take action against broadband service providers for false and misleading advertisements.

Ofcom has recommended that broadband service providers should include a “typical speed range” in their advertising, to better provide customers with accurate connection speeds.