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AT&T Patch To Fix Slow iPhone Upload Speeds

US wireless carrier AT&T is working on providing a new software patch to significantly improve the upload speeds on Apple's iPhone smartphone device.

According to news agency Reuters, the company will soon offer a software patch for a glitch on its network equipment, made by Alcatel-Lucent, which causes the iPhone to upload at very low speeds.

The company said that it is providing the patch despite the fact that the software glitch only affects less than 2 per cent of AT&T's 90.1 million wireless subscribers, about 1.8 million users.

The patch will boost the iPhone upload speeds from 100Kbps to 1.7Mbps.

Speaking to Reuters, company spokesperson Mark Siegel, said: “This patch will be deployed on a phased basis over the next two to three weeks.”

AT&T, the exclusive provider of iPhone 4 in the US, is attempting to resolve all technical glitches affecting the newest Apple device from its end.

The iPhone 4 has suffered from reception issues since launch and at the recent 'Antennagate' conference, Steve Jobs announced that Apple would be providing customers with a free rubber bumper to fix the antenna's problems.