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Twitter Streams To Get Photo And Video

Twitter may soon add inline media such as videos and photos into its streams, tech blog Mashable reports.

According to the report, Twitter has already begun testing a new setting, ‘Twitter Media’, for a selected number of users earlier this week.

The setting explains: "By default, you’ll only see images and videos shared by people you’re following, and reveal those by people you’re not. Check this box to see media from everyone on Twitter."

Twitter removed the new setting soon after the news of its existence got out.

The micro-blogging giant said: “We’re constantly exploring features and settings. What you saw was a small test of a potential consumption setting for inline media. We show inline media on our own iPhone and Android apps.”

If the feature is made available, Twitter users are expected to be able to view pictures and videos while they're still on the site. Currently, users have to leave the site in order to view media content.