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UK Cyber Security Challenge Launched

The British Government has launched the Cyber Security Challenge to find the next generation of computer security experts, BBC News reported on Monday.

The national challenge, which comprises of a number of virtual and face-to-face competitions, started on 26 July, and will be run again on several dates between September and December.

The competition will challenge participants to find flaws on a virtual website, as well as defending a website from a series of attacks.

The Open University's Kevin Streater said that the competition is needed to attract more people into becoming computer security experts.

He said: "We are really suffering quite a major challenge at the moment. A lot of people that came in through to 2000 have moved on, they moved up into different roles and people that came in during the 60s and 70s are retiring."

In an interview with Sky News, Simon Davis, an expert from the Independent Online Watchdog Privacy International stated: “It's a valuable exercise to engage those who are committed. It won't necessarily bring out any future experts but will encourage those who are already interested.”